The ICC branding is renewed

The vision that drives ICC today comes from the Company’s consolidated desire to innovate and push to the top its technological, productive and commercial reference horizons: a common thread that leads the company to adopt today renewed communication tools in order to provide secure, precise and smart answers to the demands of increasingly specialized and competitive markets.

Through a new structure and the restyling of coordinated corporate communication, ICC now dialogues with the market through renewed tools that become ambassadors of the Company’s distinctive values. From these values ​​the design of the main instruments of the new corporate image comes to life: shapes and colors of the new graphic elements are harmoniously orchestrated with the payoff “your next wiring way” to communicate the image of a Company already leader in its own sector that wants to keep on evolving and growing, characterized by an international and innovative vocation and a customer oriented attitude.

The online side of this new structure has the form of a web platform totally renewed in terms of content and graphic layout, with a simpler and more intuitive navigation. The site architecture, in fact, expanded with new categories and contents, is articulated according to products application: ICC puts the users in a position to trace the desidered solution in a few clicks.


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