E-MOBILITY: ICC Electric Vehicle Charger Cable EVC H07BZ5-F 450/750V


We are pleased to inform about ICC Automotive cables extension of range.

In particular, concerning e-mobility field, we announce the introduction of new ICC EVC H07BZ5-F 450/750V cable – Electric Vehicle Charger Cable, according to EN 50620.

This type of cable, covered by IMQ HAR approval, has been specifically designed and tested for the connection of electric vehicles to the power point/ charging station.
The materials used in the construction guarantee a high mechanical resistance to atmospheric and chemical agents and at the same time an excellent flexibility.

ICC EV Charger cables are suitable for both fixed and mobile installation, and are applicable for charging modes 1-3 of EN 61851-1

To best meet the diversified customer’s needs, ICC has the possibility to supply this product in different solutions:

  • Cable supplied in drums (ex: 2500m / 1000m / 500m lengths)
  •  Additional processing can be done at ICC factory , custom-made finishing:
    • Customized short lengths / cuts
    • Coiling (spiral cordset)
    •  Customized ends finishing:
      1. de-sheathed , stripped and tinned cores
      2. crimping of terminals
      3. application of components / housing
    • Customized packaging

For more details about this product, please download the technical data-sheet of ICC cable EV CHARGE H07BZ5-F: link

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